When the telephone was introduced into NIGERIA, everyone felt that would be the end of the Post Office. Who will buy the stamps, no one would worry about hand writings anymore. When the Car was first developed, bicycle makers felt their business was over, the planes were made and the evolution continued. Whenever technology presents us a new discovery, the status quo becomes archaic.

For a long time, the conflict between farm labourers and machines has lingered. Surprisingly, the labourers are winning the battle. A lot of farm owners have had the conception that mechanization is the order of the day in the business. They came into the agric sector believing they will do away with the inconsistent, dubious and lackadaisical farm labourers. 

There was a time we got a Cassava peeler, what a sweet achievement we thought. It was effective, fast and clean; never did it come to our mind that there will be impediments. One machine, and 12 village women were out of job. This group of people gathered, conspired with the farm supervisor- I received a call that the machine was mal-functioning, those were sad times. The procurement officer concluded it’s not working properly again. The villagers won; once again, they got their job.

The same thing happened when we got the maize planter, the rice harvester, maize dryer, destined and so on. Many farm owners are still experiencing this CONSPIRACY. Some have sacked their procurement officer, sued fabricators and so many off-field chaos.

The battlefield is still open, the conflict is still there. How do you convince the labourers that there’s no problem? What can you tell the poor villagers that their source of income is secured? Obviously, the farm needs the machines more than the labourers. The machines have promised us;


What guarantee can the farm labourers give us?

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