Mr. Mustapha M. Adedapo

Position: MD/CEO

Mr. Adedapo is a business enthusiast and growth strategist. With over 15yrs entrepreneurship experience that cut across maritime, commodity trading/Export, Mining, Fashion, and Agriculture. Participated in and organized several seminars and workshops, and sat on the board of organizations and startups. believes so much in the discovery of Nigeria and Africa in general, through proffering valuable solutions that will spur economic growth and increase wealth distribution across regions of the continent. Have a background in urban and regional planning from OAU, attended different Leadership programs, training, and alumni of Africa Leadership Forum, Entrepreneur Development Center, Africa Leadership Academy training, Digital marketing skill institute, and several others. Mr. Adedapo believes in creating platforms and development of our teeming youths reason he set up several initiatives such as Entrepreneurs Freedom Corridor (EFC), AGRI KWEENS for young Ladies passionate about agriculture, etc. that helps to discover youths and women in the country, and ensure they contribute their quota to the development of our nation, Recently won the Southwest young Businessman of the year.


His interest is in adding value as that is the only thing to guarantee relevance. Love traveling, reading, and watching football as a fan of Man Utd and sunshine football club of Ondo state.

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