ARMI co-operative is a multipurpose co-operative society that is duly registered and regulated by the Lagos Government under the Cooperative Societies Act (2013) as amended.

The ARMI cooperative serves as a MICRO-FINANCE, where a pool of funds is generated through members’ contributions and channeled to viable business projects that would drive revenue for both the cooperative and its members. 

We are committed to providing you with competitive products and services to meet your financial needs and help you reach your goals

One of the main functions of our cooperative is to make credit facilities available for its members (who have gone through training and mentorship) to help them start and expand their agricultural business. 

The cooperative has identified several ways funds would be generated 

  1. Members’ monthly contributions.
  2. Loans from non-financial and financial institutions such as Bank of Agriculture (DMB), Bank of Industry (boa), etc.
  3. Grants from the government (Anchor Borrowers Scheme,) and other non-governmental institutions. 

ARMI cooperative is open to every Entrepreneur, professional, SME Owners access to a stream of private funds that would serve as a source of credit and investment opportunities even in an unstable economic environment.


  • Help source and secure funds in the group
  • Jointly acquire agricultural assets and equipment, through group investment
  • Jointly undertake an agricultural project to ease barriers and difficulties in terms of risk
  • Access to free and subsidized training 
  • Give farm management support to its members

Why join us?


One tree doesn’t make a forest. There is more power in people than a single individual. 

When individuals come together to pursue a goal there is a high chance of achieving those goals because individuals from different walks of life contribute their human and capital resources together to achieve the set goals.

ARMI cooperative is a platform for all willing to get financial freedom.



  • Access to our markets, products offer, and discounts
  • Loans – Access to business and personal loans at little or no interest
  • Buying Items –  Access to buying items such Lands, and many more while you pay in installments
  • Networking with other prominent members – Be part of our network of like‑minded people. Connect, learn, and do business with others.
  • Training and Conference – We teach our members how to make money through Agriculture, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Real estate, and many more


ARMI cooperative enrolment fee 10,000 Naira only


Your journey to  financial freedom starts with becoming a member 

Join ARMI Cooperative today