Plantain City


Per Acre = 800,000

Duration of Season = 12 months(Annually)

Estimated Profit = 500,000-700,000 depending on the prevailing market price

30% will be charged on the profit will YOU the farm owner gets 70%

The management contract is renewable every year, for ten years.

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Item Price
Land Purchase 250,000
Bulldozing 150,000
Ploughing 10,000
Suckers 120,000
Farm Mgt Logistics 50,000
Planting 50,000
Manure 50,000
Insurance 20,000
1st weeding 25,000
2nd Weeding 25,000
Manure Application 15,000
Pruning/Resupply 15,000
Herbicides/Nematicides 10,000
Application of Herbicides 10,000
Total 800,000



We can boast of a technical team that has a combined agronomy and livestock experience of more than 30 years. Some have carried out research assignments with international and national bodies like the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nigeria Starch Mills, UAC Agro Division, etc.


We have also extended partnership for technical support with National Horticulture Research Institute (NIHORT), they are in charge of orchards, fruits, vegetables, value addition, and Plantain production in Nigeria. They are working with us to ensure the plantain city project is a success.


We have also partnered with the Institutes of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T); they are specialized in building capacity in the areas of Livestock and Crop production. They are ready to train not just our technical team but any person who has a project at Agro Empire Estate.

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