Farmland Sales

Agribusiness has huge wealth-generating potentials to transform millions
of lives when properly harnessed, it is one sure way out of poverty

With the understanding that the nation’s economy is being diversified from oil economy to non-oil economy where agriculture is playing a major role, as a company, we have designed a product called AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE to position as one of those creating disruptive innovations that will impact positively in the agricultural sector.

 Agro Empire Estate recognized the following challenges faced by economic agents in the agricultural industry

  • Shortage of good agronomy practice
  • Limited access to machinery and equipment,
  • Inadequate of human resources in the industry,
  • High cost of irrigation
  • No good market structures.
  • Others

AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE is designed to solve these problems and ensuring that the farm estate is attractive, sustainable, and profitable for people who want to buy farmland for agricultural purpose 

The farm estate is proposed to

  • Increase value chains in agriculture through innovative means
  • Improve access mechanization for economic agents in the industry
  • Make irrigating systems more accessible
  • Improve on-farm management systems
  • Create effective storage and warehousing
  • Establish a conducive residential environment called AGRO_HOMES
  • Provide good market structure and
  • Many more that will help foster agribusiness in Nigeria and making investment safe and profitable for investors.

Currently, an acre is selling for 400,000naira while a plot is as low as 80,000naira.

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