Capacity Building

Agribusiness has huge wealth-generating potentials to transform millions
of lives when properly harnessed, it is one sure way out of poverty

The local farmers constitute the largest population of the nation’s farmers and the youth the strength of our nation which has not been fully utilized, majority of the foods we consumed or used as a raw material to service our emerging industries are produced by this set of farmers.

But it is highly worrisome that this hasn’t transformed much into economic benefits, nor huge difference in the quality of their standard of living, and if we are to sustain good development in the nation’s agricultural sector, then the situation need to be addressed and more attention must be centered on creating a lucrative agricultural sector economy not only for the current rural farmers but also to encourage most of our teeming youths population to embrace the sector, to reduce the high rate of unemployment, insecurity also achieve food security for our huge population and export excess to shore up our foreign reserve.

Our Capacity building involves training both, local farmers, Youths passionate about agriculture, groups and corporate bodies on best agricultural practices, Value chain, the business of agriculture, Marketing, etc ensure

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