About Plantain Crop

About Plantain

Plantains are starchy bananas which make up one-quarter of the total world production of bananas. Plantains are a staple food which is fried, baked, boiled (and then sometimes pounded) or roasted, and consumed alone or together with other food.

About 200 million people in West and Central Africa are estimated to derive more than one-quarter of their food energy requirements from plantains, making them one of the most important sources of food energy throughout the African lowland humid forest zone.

Due to its unique features and survival instinct, is one of the most profitable crops and can last for over 25yrs if properly managed and owners can continue to profit from the proceed annually

Economic Importance

According to the Food & Agricultural Organisation ( FOA ), Nigeria is the world’s fourth largest producer of plantain, with 2.8million MT (Metric Tonnes), behind Ghana with 3.6million MT, Cameroun with 3.5million MT & Colombia with 3.3million MT. With this volumes it said that Nigeria is yet to realize the full potential in the production of plantain because activities in the sub-sector are still largely informal, unregulated & most farmers & processors cannot easily access cheap credit.

Apart from cocoa, cashew, and sesame, plantain is the next crop that has huge export potential as the world demands for plantain keep rising on a daily basis, this is due to the fact that more end products from plantain are being discovered.

Plantain end products includes plantain chip, flour, bio-fertilizer, livestock feed, flavor, thickening agent, pharmaceutical products, etc.

ARMI Plantain scheme investment

ARMI Plantain Investment Scheme

ARMI in a bid to  massively increase the cultivation of plantain and to also defeat the the financials and structural challenges faced by farmers and processors in the nations through its investors has reserved 200 acres of land from the company Agro Farm City that would be used solely for the cultivation of plantain.

The Plantain city is an investment portfolio that allow investors to invest into ARMI plantain cultivation.

Investment scheme: N750,000/acres   
ROI:   N250,000/year + Land Appreciation of 5 million After 10 Years  
Duration: 10 years

The land appreciation is due to the quality and volume of the farm produce that would be generated at the end of 10 years of operations on the farmland. This would be achieve through mechanization farming, irrigation system that would support all year round planting,  agricultural research to ensure continuous improvement on the yield of the farm produce.

Every investment are insured with leadway insurance to protect the investment of our investors.

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