Maize account for 43% calorie in the diet of an average Nigerian. Statistical reports shows that over 30% of farm land in Nigeria are being used for the cultivation of maize, this shows the importance of maize to Nigeria economy and her people. Maize is being used for varieties of products which includes pop-corn, roasted corn, cooked corn, babies meal, corn porridge, corn pap, corn flakes, corn flour, poultry and livestock meal. It also serves as the traditional meal of some tribes in Nigeria e.g. Hausa – Tuwo Masara.

With the massive cultivation of maize in the country Nigeria still import maize into the country, the burden it placed on the country economy made the CBN to stop the importation of maize into the country which would obviously affect businesses and companies that depends on corn for their product and services. This shows that maize cultivation in the country is not enough for her consumption which call for urgent need for farmers to increase their maize cultivation and more people to go into maize planting.

Maize farm in Nigeria | Agric Investment
Photo 1 - Image of corn farm in Nigeria

Maize Wallet Investment

Maize investment scheme is an investment that gives individuals and cooperate organization the opportunity to own a maize farm through their investment, the maize farm are cultivated and manage by the company. The company will employ the use of machinery in the cultivation of maize farm land and ensure proper irrigation system  and other advance agricultural practice which would be achieve through Farm Management and Infrastructural Development Scheme to achieve maximum maize yield

The Investment plan require an investment capital of N125,000  per unit, and generates a returns of 25% after 6 Months of cultivation and processing by the company. Investors purchasing of 20 units and above earns 28% instead of 25%. The beauty about this investment portfolio out of other portfolios is it is a short duration investment, investors can in no time get their earnings

Investment Package
Capital: N125,000
Returns: 25-28%
Management Duration: 6 Months

  Planting Start by August 2020

Investment Security