One major setback for agricultural development in Nigeria is land acquisition. Many individuals have recognized the advantage and opportunities that lies in the Agricultural sector, and are ready to start exploring this line of wealth creation, the first challenge  they are faced with is land for cultivation. Many loans and grant available for Agricultural purpose  are only accessible to individuals who own or have proof of land possession for cultivation.

Some even have access to land which are not sufficient enough for their agricultural goal.

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Photo 2: A mixed cropping farm land
farm land purchase | Investing in nigeria
Photo 2: Farm Land in Nigeria

Aside land size & availability, other challenges faced when it comes to farm land acquisition include availability of social amenities that allow efficient agricultural activities such as road for transportation of farm produce, water to aid all year planting for seasonal crops and light that can make the farm settlement habitable when the need arise. 

These   challenges led to us setting aside farm land for purchase in from our Agro Empire City

Our Farm Land Purchase Scheme

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Our farm land purchase scheme gives every one the opportunity to own a land as much that can suit their agricultural goals and scale. The farm land are well equipped with basic social amenities that would help in boasting Agricultural activities, coupled with our unending farm infrastructural development aimed at creating a self sustaining farm area (Agro Empire City) made possible through another Investment scheme of ours “Farm Management & Infrastructural Development” that would be benefited by every farm land associated to the company.

Our consistent development of our farm land area will bring about rapid appreciation of this farm land increasing the purchasing price of these farm land when farm owners decide to sell their farm land. 

Farm Land Purchase Packages

1 Acre for 400,000  

1 plot for 120,000

Investment Security