Our farm management scheme, helps in implementing, making decisions, organizing and carrying out operations that would help to maximize farm outputs productions  & profit. We draw information from Nigeria markets, agricultural policy & economic outcome of the country to draws out facts and statistical data that can help us contribute positively to our crops and livestock positively and farmers that are affiliated to ARMI. 

According to our research, farm in Nigeria are faced by low productivity making people to scare away from farming activities, since the profit generated most times do not compensate the energy and time put into it, many factors contribute to this which include lack of information for the farmers, crude farming system, lack of proper research system that helps farmer engage in modern farming process etc. When we took a look at develop country wondering why countries that have high percentage of their population seeking white collar job and actively engage in ICT activities having higher agricultural produce than Africa countries that everyone would expect to be leading in the area of agriculture, we simply realize the few percentage of their population that opted into Agricultural activities implore technologies massively and put into considerations every Agricultural related information that can help improve their farm yields, which makes these develop countries to surpass Africa countries in agricultural production.         

Farm Management & Infrastructural Development Scheme

Our Farm Management and Infrastructural investment scheme aim at creating best farming practice processes, with the help of our consistent research and explorations of over 50 crops through this investment scheme we will provide farmers with information on soils, seed, herbicides for control of weeds , Pesticides for control  pest & fertilizers for timely and safe fertilization application practice, plan their farm operations. We will also provide them with good seedlings, track their execution and share market costs of both farm produces, this and many more are information they can track on their dashboards, farmers can easily plan seasonal activities and select the appropriate crops for each planting seasons.

On Agricultural Engineering aspect we would assists farmers in farm building, use machinery, irrigation, crop drying and standard crop storage system, drainage and erosion control systems to help farmers achieve maximum output on their farming activities.     

This investment scheme provides the opportunity for individuals and cooperate bodies to use their capital to aid all our propose activities under the scheme and thereby earning returns from their investment. with this scheme individuals can opt to harness their capital for wealth generation rather than lying fallow or idle in the bank earning little or no interest  

Farm Infrastructure setup | Agro Investment

Investment Package

Capital: N250,000

Returns: 40% – 45%

management Duration: 12 Months

Investment Security