The major problem facing those who have gain skills and knowledge through our capacity building program is “starting up their agribusiness”. It is not as if they don’t want to, huge cost of starting up has restrain them from realizing their dream of becoming a successful agro-prenuer.

Looking at our tripod Discover Develop and Empower, in fulfilling the empowerment area, we came up with an initiative provide a platform called the ARMI LIVESTOCK ZONE, this initiative is coming from a social entrepreneurship mindset.

The Livestock production zone is meant for people who might have gone through any of our livestock program training but doesn’t have the huge capital to kick start his or her own farm.

The Livestock zone is an integrated production center of different livestock. The goal of the livestock production zone is to produce healthy livestock with less cost of production.

Presently, the livestock zone will be housing the following animals

  • Poultry (Browliers)
  • Piggery
  • Snailery
  • Rabbittery

Other livestock coming to be included are Poultry (layers), Goatery, Catfish, and Tilapia. We have allocated numbers of slot (participants) to each livestock that will be needed to kick start our livestock zone, so interested participant that select any of their choice (it could be more than one) and make payment in accordance to the amount attached to each livestock.

What you stand to benefit in our livestock zone

  • Quality training that make you a distinct livestock farmer
  • Subsidized cost of capital to start your livestock farming
  • Learning ways to produce feed at no or less cost
  • Access to market