Land Acquisition Cluster

In other to make agribusiness viable and sustainable there is need to put certain facilities in place, at Agro Empire Estate it is important there are infrastructures that ensures agribusiness thrives.


Developmental Fee

The development of the farmland for the plantain project is very essential and non-negotiable if members of the cluster group want to enjoy long term profit in their business.

It is important we break down how necessary certain facilities and infrastructures are needed to secure the cluster group plantain project.

Reasons for Development fee

Water Source

have you ever wonder why farmers suffers when there are no rains even during rainy season and why those with water source sell their produce at a premium price because they have access to water. Part of the development fee would be used to drill industrial boreholes required by the plantain farm, members needs to understand that with water, the plantain are safe during the peak of high dry season and they can also cultivate at any period of the year.

Irrigation facilities

Irrigation systems are facilities that aid the flow of water from the earthen reservoirs to the plant.

Earthen Reservoirs

Earthen reservoirs are more like tanks for storing water, which would be located at different points of the farm. The reservoirs help channel water to the farm.

Farm House

We have to be closer to our investment and there is no better means to be build farm house where staffs and farm hands can stay in the farm, the farm house also serves as storage for harvested produce and inputs.


Securing our investment is a top priority, security personnel would be on standby day and night ensuring that life and properties are protected.

The cooperative has made the development fee affordable by immensely subsidizing the cost. Imagine if a member is to foot the cost of these individually, it is going to cost them fortunes

Imagine if a member is to foot the cost of these individually, it is going to cost them fortunes.



Water Source

Earthen Reservoirs


Irrigation Facilities


Farm house






NOTE: The land lease is for 10 years, if the development fee is divided by 10, that’s 30,000 naira annually.  And if the 30,000 naira is divided by 12 months it would result to 3,000 monthly to enjoy the benefit of what the development fee is bringing.

Total cost of plantain production = 850,000 + 300,000 = 1,150,000

NOTE: This is a one-time payment for the first year.  Cost to maintain the farm for the subsequent years would be deducted from the revenue.