GET FROM 15-20% ROI WHEN YOU partner with us with a minimum of 500K on gadi plan.



The Green Asset Development Plan (GADI) 1.0 is a real estate investment product design to aid development and the improvement of our Agro Real Estate business environment, the GADI create platform to drive investment into agro real estate, asset and infrastructure development related activities and therefore improve our farming and Agribusiness environment by providing accessible and genuine agricultural lands, storage and warehousing facilities, irrigation support for daily farm operations, mechanized equipments, safe biosecurity measures, more experienced technical and advisory support and most importantly access to Agro processing facilities to reduce post harvest loss, increase product shelve life and increase profitability.

GADI plan through our ongoing project called AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE provide a partnership platform, opened to interested individuals and stakeholders that want to explore the numerous opportunities in Agro Real Estate and invest in agricultural Asset that appreciate in value overtime and earn moderate return on investment through the GADI  Plan.

Investment on the GADI platform is genuine and very secured with asset that valued both the individual investment and return on capital as collateral that can be converted to cash in case of default .

NOTE:  GADI PLAN is not a get-rich-quick or money doubler scheme therefore our return on investment promised is base on experience and proven business process and its moderate enough for interested and sincere partners.

To further secure and protect partners interest, we decided to secure all capital with valuable land assets within the AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE, this could be taken and converted to get back your fund with return incase of default.

Looking at the recent surge in price of staple foods, processed food, and fresh agricultural produce in recent years, just mid 2021 we experienced a wide range of exponential increase in food commodities.

We may attribute the cause to insurgencies ravaging every region of the country; we could attribute increase in price of food commodities to fall in naira in foreign exchange.

But let us look at it from another important angle which is lack of infrastructures and equipment to aid agribusiness. This has been a major setback in the agricultural sector, most private and even government places focus on cultivation and raring of animals thereby relegating the need of self-revenue generating asset facilities like Water Source, Irrigation system, Moisture controlling equipment, Cooling and Perseverative equipment, mechanical planter, mechanical sprayer and harvester   etc.

You can’t continue to do the same thing and expect a different result, if we don’t improve in our approach towards the way we run our agricultural sector, price of commodities would continue to increase resulting to hyperinflation.

We want to play a significant role in ensuring that there are  infrastructures and equipment that will enhance agribusiness to be more profitably and sustainable at AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE. This will be more easier and faster with your partnership with us.

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The Green Asset Development Plan (GADI) is a partnership platform open for interested participants looking for investment opportunities in the agricultural sector. This is the bigger picture, partners are only investing in assets based facilities that increases the value of the farmland at AGROEMPIRE ESTATE, funds generate from this partnership are channeled to acquiring facilities that will aid agribusiness.

What we are using your partnership funds for!

Water Source

We can no longer depend on rain-fed system of agriculture in times where climate condition is no longer predictable we have to create an alternative with the use of artificial dam to preserve water throughout the year.


Irrigation System

Having water source alone cannot solve water supply problem, but with use of irrigating systems like drip, sprayer or sprinkler, water can be supplied directly to the plants.


Storage could in form warehousing and cooling environment that expands the shelf life of fresh produce at the farm

Mechanical Dryer

Mechanical dryer helps reduce the moisture content of fresh produce elongating their shelf life  to about 12 months or more, what this does is reduce post-harvest 

Mechanical Equipment

Such as tractor planter, sprayer and clearing equipment are need to reduce the use of human labour.


Pen houses for poultry, piggery, and cattle ranches are essential to the growth of agribusiness, just like residential houses, these facilities can be built and put on rent or lease. The owners may not necessarily use it themselves.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

> A partner with 500,000 naira gets 15% in return in 6 months

Other benefits (December Promo)

  • 1 liter of Groundnut oil
  • 10kg bag of rice

> A partner with 1,000,000 naira gets 20% in 6 months

Other benefits (December Promo)

  • 4 liter of Groundnut oil
  • 25kg bag of rice
  • 2 kg of Odourless fufu flour

> Partner with 5,000,000 naira gets 20% in 6months

Other benefits (December Promo)

  • 5 litres of Groundnut oil
  • 50kg bag of rice
  • 5 kg of Odourless fufu


Legal documentation

>Land collateral with the agro empire estate.

>Deed of assignment on the land.

>Deed of agreement on every promise.

>Company’s Receipt.

>Post dated cheque ( cover capital & return)

Security of Investment

To ensure all partners fund are secure, each category of partners will be give numbers of plots of land as security for funds.

  • 500,000 naira partners gets 6 plots of land at Agro Empire Estate as security.
  • 1,000,000 naira partners will get 12 plots of land at Agro Empire Estate as security.
  • 5,000,000 naira partners will get 36 plots of land at Agro Empire Estate as security.

NOTE: The security will be giving back to the company after partner’s fund and returns have been paid.



1. Agriculture has evolved and will continue to be as the population increase the demand for food will be on the rise. As a company we have strategically position ourselves to be pacesetter in doing agribusiness is a dynamic way.

2. Our product AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE has shown to be the future of agriculture in the country, we believe it would be a game changer in solving problems plaguing the agricultural sector of the country.

3. Our technical team are well experience with a combination of over 30 years experience in different areas of crop production, livestock production, farm management, irrigation systems, Value chain and many more. We have also secured partnership with both private sector and public sector in the area of technically knowledge and
capacity building.

4. We have ensured that all partner’s fund as secured by providing them land valued more their returns on investment. This is to guarantee them that as a company we would ensure their funds are secured.

5. All partnership agreement will be backed up by duly signed deed of agreement between the company and it’s partners, this gives confidence and build trust in the partnership.

6. Partner’s fund are judiciously used to develop facilities at the Agro Empire Estate this will have a direct positive appreciation of the value of the land within 12 months.



Frequently asked questions

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Yes anyone can visit the land and see for themselves before proceeding to partner with us.

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