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The business of agriculture becomes attractive when you make sustainable profit from it, we started as Agro-commodity traders over a decade now, moving from one part of the country to another as we buy and sell, we came to realization that agriculture has the potential to put the country back into the world map like it was in 1960s. In the course of our journey, we understood the pains of a smallholder farm to make ends meet as a farmer, we understood the plight of moving produce from the hinterlands to the big cities, the challenge of post-harvest loss, glut, middle-men and underpricing of agricultural commodities at the expense of high cost of labour cannot pushed aside. Other problems like climate conditions, lack of affordable machinery, water source and irrigation system has also become a bane to farmers in the country.
Understanding the potentials, opportunities, challenges and risks in agriculture we decided to diversify into different areas of crop and livestock production.
This birthed our first farm estate in 2016, located at Odeda local government area, Ogun state. With over 100 acres of farmland acquired by our clients who for the first time became landowners with our help, we were also able to help them set-up and manage their farms and ensure that their investments are secured.

Through our cooperative (ARMI Cooperative) we are able to help our members secure the Fadama III and Anchor Borrower Program between 2017-2018. Our members were empowered through training and input provision on upland rice production.
We conceived the idea of creating an enabling agrarian, industrial and residential environment where most problems faced by farmers are solved or mitigated to a very large extent, this led us to designing and establishing our second farm estate called Agro Empire Estate.
In 2019, the journey began and the dream started to become a reality. We acquired 500 acres of which 100 acres have already been sold to our client who became landowners at the estate.
Our little steps of establishing an industrial borehole, over 300,000 liters capacity water harvester, rain gun irrigation system, plantain city and security house are some of the infrastructures put in place to make agro empire a sustainable wealth creating environment overtime.

As a company operating in Nigeria, we are privately driven as an economic player in the agricultural industry with the vision to help the government to diversify its oil dependent economy to non-oil sectors where agriculture plays a major role.

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