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Top Most Asked Questions


Who is ARMI

We are a registered agricultural company with keen interest in agribusinesses, creating diverse opportunities in the sector to achieve not just profitability but sustainability agricultural products and services, with our investment portfolios, we do help individuals, cooperate organizations and several parastatals to create alternative source of income.

Any Legal Documentation

Investors will get all legal documentation backing with us when they invest in any of our products or purchase property from us such as farmland & farm machinery purchase.

What does ARMI do?

We create diverse Agro investment schemes that allows individuals to invest into agricultural activities, which includes crop cultivation & farm animal rearing managed and operated by us.

We process the farm produce into their by-products.

we also render consultations on agricultural related activities.

Who is behind the idea of ARMI?

Intelligent and passionate individuals who aimed at creating wealth for the people through creating sustainable and profiting agricultural activities that would help boost the nations economy and increase availability of food for the nation 

General Investment

Are the investments insured?

Yes. every investments with our company are insured with Leadway Insurance Company

When do I visit the farm?

Once farming activities commence, the farm can be visited by our investors.

Our Investors will also be updated about the progress of farm activities on their dashboard

What is plantain City?

Plantain City is an investment scheme that allows individuals and cooperate organizations to invest into plantain cultivation activities by giving the company an opportunity to cultivate plantain for you , these scheme not only earn them yearly profits but also allow them to acquire the land in which the plantain are cultivated which can be sold later on at a much more appreciated value.

What is land Wallet?

Land wallet is an investment scheme that allows individuals and cooperate organizations to purchase farmland which monetary values will be increased in short period of time  due to the activities of the company on the farm land, which can then be resell at an appreciated cost.

What is pig Wallet?

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What are the requirements?

The requirement of any of our investment portfolios is making monetary commitment towards the portfolio.

What is the process involved?

Select an investment scheme.

make payment to start your investment plan

receive every legal documents backing your investment

monitor your investment progress

receive your investment earnings

Can I pay in installments?

Payments can be made in installments, in accordance to the company policies,  terms & conditions 

When do I receive my returns?

returns are received according the investment portfolio selected 

Is it possible to terminate my investment earlier than the agreed timeframe?

Yes. Investment can be terminated before the agreed the date which would be done in accordance the company policies