Nation’s building through agriculture is a core objective for us. But it takes people with capacity to effectively transform the economy through agriculture reason we came up with a system that will cater for building of our members’ capacity in different areas of agriculture.

Capacity building is a broad concept that is widely used in the field of development. The commonly used definition of capacity building comes from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). UNDP defines capacity building as the processes through which individuals, organization and society obtain strengthen and maintain capabilities to set and achieve their own development over time.

ARMI’s capacity building program seeks to improve individuals’ knowledge in different areas of agriculture and agribusiness.  An individual who wants to go into cassava production will need a different knowledge from who prefer processing cassava in garri or cassava flour.

We have successfully built a system where our capacity building program runs throughout the year. The training is divided into four quarters of the year and segmented into;

  • Crop production
  • Livestock production
  • Value chain or processing
  • Commodity trading
  • Export
  • Others

Anyone interested in any of our capacity building program would need to be our subscriber after which, the subscriber and pick any program of his or her choice, then waiting till when the time of the program has been scheduled on our CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAM CALENDER.