Let's face it, farming is not easy. But don't worry, because at ARMI, we've got your back!

We offer top-notch training that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to transform your farm into a money-making machine!

Our training program is designed to answer all your burning questions, like:

Our team of seasoned professionals will take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way.

We don’t just want you to understand the concepts; we want you to apply them like a champ, so you can run your farm like a well-oiled machine.

Our trainings are hands-on, practical training — so you get to learn by doing, get your hands dirty, and develop the skills and confidence you need to succeed.

Get Hands-On Training and Develop the Skills You Need to Succeed

We're not just in it for the money, honey.

We genuinely care about your success

and we believe that education is an ongoing process.

That’s why we provide continuous support to all our trainees, even after the training is over.

Trust us, don’t go it alone. Without proper training, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
And you don’t want to be kicking yourself later, wondering why your farm didn’t take off.

And guess what? Our training is suitable for newbies and seasoned farmers alike!

So don’t be shy, give us a call.

ARMI has got your back, and we’re ready to help you become a successful Agropreneur

Have you been trying to find your footing in the business of agriculture?

Get A FREE PLOT OF LAND worth 250,000 NAIRA just by attending our Agro Skill Academy training on livestock production in March 2023.

Let us make your dreams become a reality by helping you start your agribusiness venture through

  • Giving a full week of practical training
  • Free plot of land to start what you have learnt immediately
  • One year mentoring and guidance till you make your first profit.
  • Make you self-employed or open job opportunities for you

The training will be an intensive practical training that will open you to hidden opportunities in animal production, and how to tap into these opportunities and start making money.
If you attend this training not only will you be getting A FREE PLOT OF LAND?
You will be trained by professionals and practical farmers from the renowned research institute in livestock production in Nigeria, the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IART) on the following;

  • Broiler production
  • Layers production
  • Turkey production
  • Cattle farming
  • Pig farming
  • Snail farming
  • Grasscutter 
  • Goat and Sheep 
  • Rabbit
  • Catfish production

In the training you will be taught about the risk, challenges most people face and we will show you the secret of how you can solve these challenges, reduce these risks and make money from your agribusiness venture.

To make it easier for you, we would be taking care of your

  • Accomodation 
  • Transportation to the training center.

Let us look at the benefit you will be getting and their value

  • Broiler production worth 50,000 naira
  • Layers production worth 50,000 nara
  • Turkey production worth 30,000 naira
  • Cattle farming worth   30,000 naira
  • Pig farming worth 50,000 naira
  • Snail farming worth 20,000 naira
  • Grasscutter  worth 20,000 naira
  • Goat and Sheep  worth 30,000 naira
  • Rabbit worth 25,000 naira
  • Catfish production worth 50,000 naira
  • Free plot worth 250,000 naira
  • Accommodation and Transportation worth 70,000 naira

TOTAL VALUE OF THE TRAINING is worth 785,000 naira

That is the true value of what you will have to pay if you want to get the training out there, But we are giving you this training at a fee of 200,000 naira and we have limited slots available.
You also have the opportunity to make payment in installment, the balance must come a week before the training so as to make adequate preparation for the training.


  • Click on the link below
  • Ensure that your information is correct
  • You will get a call from our client representative for more information
  • Make payment through bank transfer
  • In 24 hours you will get a confirmation of your payment and other information