Agro Empire State



is proposed to be a solution agrarian settlement that helps solve and mitigate problems faced by farmers. At the farm estate, we look at the general problems faced by most farmers and proffer solutions to them.

  • Ensuring farmers have access to a good road network, this solves the problem of bad road network which makes it difficult for farmers to move their produce during harvest or bring in raw materials to their farm. 
  • Security is a major problem faced by farmers, over the years we have witnessed herdsmen destroying farms causing great loss and pain to farmers, furthermore limiting farmers from production. At the farm estate we have ensured that farmers’ investments are protected against herdsmen and other threatening factors.
  • Availability of agricultural machinery, gone are the days of hoes and cutlass in cultivation, in commercial farming, land preparation, planting and herbicides application has gone beyond using cutlasses and hoes or manual process. Agro Empire Estate has made it possible for farm owners at the estate to have easy and affordable access to machineries that will aid farmers in their production operations.
  • Farm Setup and Management: proper planning, establishment and management are key elements in ensuring a successful farm operation. One of the major challenges faced by farmers is farm management, several consultants shy away from this because of the risk that comes with it.

At Agro Empire Estate we have taken up the challenge of helping farm owners’ set-up theirs and in some cases manage it for them if the need arises.
(UNDER ACCEPTABLE TERMS AND CONDITIONS). Our goal is to ensure that their farms are properly set up and managed after considering all bottlenecks.

  • Source of Water and Irrigation farmers can no longer depend on a rain-fed farming system if they want to create sustainable wealth for themselves. Changes in climate conditions have greatly affected crop production, some farmers have taken alternative measures by drilling boreholes and installing irrigation. However, this comes at a higher cost, how many farmers can afford having boreholes in their farm with irrigation systems. At AGRO empire estate, we have created a system where farm owners come in clusters to co-own facilities such as industrial bore-hole and water-harvester (reservoir), irrigation kits etc. Making the cost burden lesser for farmers at the estate, while enjoying cultivation all year round.
  • Storage facilities: we understand the need of storage in agribusiness, the need to store when supply is high and sell when there is scarcity is a function of storage. At the AGRO empire estate, there will be storage facilities to help farmers store not just their harvest but other raw materials needed for production. The storage arrangement also helps to avoid postharvest loss and risk.
  • Access to market: farmers usually suffer from underpricing of their produce, forcing them to sell below their cost of production. This problem has made a lot of farmers close their farms and focus on other business ventures. At the estate we encourage farm owners to cultivate produce that is demanded by off takers giving farmers the privilege of selling at a prevailing price. Therefore, help to create job security and wealth amongst our farmers
    The advantage of owning a land at the Agro Empire Estate is enormous, farmers cost burdens are spread among themselves, and they can also collate their produce and sell at a competitive price to off takers