Agro Empire Estate

Agribusiness has huge wealth-generating potentials to transform millions
of lives when properly harnessed, it is one sure way out of poverty

Agro Empire Estate is the brain child of AGRO RENEWAL MOVEMENT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (ARMI) a duly registered privately driven agricultural company which main focus is to drive the agricultural industry in an innovative way without comprising food security and sustainability of wealth creation for investors and shareholders.

After evaluating carefully some of the problems of agriculture in Nigeria; ranging from lack of mechanization, lack of adequate capital, poor research activities, inadequate transport system and logistics, prevalence of pest and diseases, poor conservation, lack of technical know-how, unattractive argic system, poor storage, and constant drought; the AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE in collaboration with the ARMI has proposed a perennial solution to majority of these problems.

The Agro Empire Estate was born out of the desire to make agriculture not just profitable but sustainable for many decades. Bearing in mind that agriculture is not a get-rich-quick business; it needs strategic foresighting, availability of tools and machineries, good agronomy practice, storage facilities, well structured market and distribution (logistics) systems, and as well as processing centers, before we can confidently say agriculture can be profitable and sustainable.

Having seen and witnessed some of these challenges faced by economic agents (farmers most especially ) in the industry at our other farm estates, we decided to do something different taking the bold step by designing a ONE-STOP SOLUTION CENTRE for all economic players in the agricultural industry.

Our AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE is located in an accessible environment unlike many agro- based locations. The AGRO estate is at Abeokuta-North local government area, Alamala, Ijale-Orile Village. It’s only about 15 minutes drive from Crescent University, along Ayetoro road and 28 minutes drive from Kuto roundabout.
The landmark areas close to the estate include but not limited to Alamala Army Headquarters Barrack, Flexytree farm, Adron Homes Residential Estate, Agro-Park, the farthest from the mentioned landmark is 15 minutes drive to the farm.

The AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE is sited on a 500 acres of farmland and its subject to expansion as development increases in the estate. The farm has been professionally and technically segmented to to accommodate a variety of Agricultural Value chain without so much discomfort. With over 200 acres allocated to the PLANTAIN CITY, livestock and crop Production, plant and animal breeding, processing and packaging; all sharing the lots. The AGRO EMPIRE is currently the largest privately owned Agro estate in Nigeria.

In the order of the Nile irrigation system basin, this empire gives even more. With the integrated farming system, non-stop reuse and recycling, state of the art processing centers and the professionalism of the on-site agronomists, this is one of its kinds. This community of agro-tourism allows land owners the opportunity to harness all necessities at their reach.
As earlier mentioned, the farmland is just like any ordinary farmland meant for farming but with a solution center that has been designed to make investment safe, make business sustainable and increase shareholders and stakeholders wealth.

Our concept is changing the way agriculture business is been practiced and perceived not just in Nigeria but Africa as whole; and with the right mind set of people already engaged in this project, it will come to fruition in no distant time.


AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE is designed to solve these problems and ensuring that the farm estate is attractive, sustainable and profitable for people who wants to buy farm land for agricultural purpose
Recreational Center
In the quest to make Agriculture attractive/appealing, the initiative of a recreation center is a laudable one. Especially to the youths because they possess the most viable strength of the economy to drive the industry. Inculcated in the recreational centers would be indoor and outdoor activities, with the administrators of the estate organizing various competitions and sport festivals appropriately. There are other proposed activities of the AGRO EMPIRE not mentioned here, but perhaps can be stated during our discussion. It is imperative to note that the organization already have all these designed alongside the personnel with capacity and experience capable of driving the set vision and mission of the organization
Artificial Dam for Irrigations
Knowing full well the essence of irrigation Agriculture to the development of our estate, the AGRO EMPIRE sees this as the most essential factor in production. The availability of water in all season will help farmers to plant all year round, be less dependent on rainfall, makes early planting possible for crop producers, farmers can cultivate more than twice in a year, increases yield and helps to reduce salt concentration in the soil by diluting and dissolving some out of the soil. The estate will have water harvesters that will house millions of liters of water for farmers during wet and dry season giving farmers in the estate edge over others.
Livestock Section
The livestock business has been the driving force of modern Agriculture; therefore, if the contributions of this sector to clean food has not been undermined globally, it is not on the wrong to say the livestock Production community of the AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE is at the fore-front of investments within the ESTATES. The Livestock program ranges from piggery, goatery, broilers, layers, cattle ranching, rabbitery and any other animal husbandry proposed by the farm owner. All has been factored in the design of the estate.
Storage and Ware Housing
Storage is the thief of harvest. The reward of hard work and diligence can be regrets in Agriculture if there is no proper and adequate storage facility in place. At AGRO EMPIRE Estate, we believe that Storage is as important as producing; lack of storage facilities has led to the loss of food worth billions of naira in the country. To mitigate such negative impact on the business of farm within and outside the estate, adequate storage facilities must be made available
Plantain City
The plantain city investment project will be one of the major investment drivers in the estate where investors can earn returns for 10 consecutive years. The project goes beyond production, it is designed as an industrial hub which comprises of the primary (Production), Secondary (processing) and the Tertiary (services) industries. It is a complete and independent operation, harnessing all inputs and thoroughly engaging all aspects of the plantain value chain from Production to the Consumers.
Processing Center
Processing is the gratitude shown to producers. And just like storage is important, processing is the secondary industry responsible for turning raw materials into finished goods and semi-finished goods. This is very important. Crop processing unit, food processing unit and meat processing unit amongst others will all be under the processing center.
Administrative Block
The importance of Agriculture administration to the success of agric-business cannot be over emphasized. The administrative arm of the organization will be stationed within the estate to oversee the day to day running of the activities on the farm estate. This allows the adminstrators a quick response to issues and have on-site assessment of progress or setbacks.
Clinic Center
In as much as work must be done, accidents will occur. Apart from enforcement of safety rules by the administrators of the estate, the AGRO EMPIRE will provide a suitable health center for the farm owners, administrators, laborers and general users of the estate through a system that has been designed for such. Safety of everyone in Agro Empire Estate is paramount to the organization.
Crop Section
The Empire will maintain an eco-friendly estate through the encouragement of organic farming. Although plantain will be the major crop cultivated in the farm, farm owners can cultivate what they deem good and profitable. The estate has a system in place to accommodate the cultivation of varieties of crops. This is in line with our vision to create a community of internally dependent agriculturists
Agro Homes
The Agro home have been designed for those who own at least 10 acres of land and wants a home closer to their farm, the architectural design has been structured to be beautiful, inspiring and comfy.


AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE is designed to solve these problems and ensuring that the farm estate is attractive, sustainable and profitable for people who wants to buy farm land for agricultural purpose