Start a profitable agric investment in 2021 with the Agro Empire Estate Phase 1. Join a close circuit of 50 smart investors who are ready to transform their income this year.

▶️Minimum capital is 500,000 naira per unit
▶️Return on Investment is 50% per unit
▶️Duration is 7months
▶️No of investors required: 50


About This Investment

Agro Empire Estate investment is channeled towards addressing sustainability and profitability in agribusiness by providing machinery, equipment, and infrastructures. Our investments in Agro Empire Estate create a safe environment for the economic agent

Agro Empire Estate Investment is a product of ARMI Nigeria Ltd, owners of Agro Empire Estate Phase I. This investment is open to ONLY 50 investors who want to earn a better return on their investment than keeping their money in a bank or other loss-making investment schemes.

Agro Empire Estate Phase I is a developing agricultural settlement on a large expanse of land, with a good accessible road network located at Ijale-Orile, Alamala Abeokuta North of Ogun state.

Due to the success of our previous Agro investment plans, we are opening this investment at our agricultural farm estate to ONLY 50 smart investors.

How Secure Is This Investment?

This investment plan is secure and guaranteed with 2 Acre of land valued at over N1.5 million at our developing farm estate immediately after you purchase this plan. This will serve as collateral for your investment in Agro Empire Estate.

Upon payment of investment, the company collect back the farmland from the investor

This investment is open for only two weeks after which we will stop accepting requests.