How you can own an acre of land in Nigeria with just N35,000

Are you passionate about agriculture? Do you want to practice Agriculture and make huge profit in Nigeria but you do not have access to land? Agric Empire Estate is what you need.

Agro Empire Estate is one of the foremost Agro Industry estate in Nigeria with over 500 acres of land in Ogun State where you can practice all forms of agriculture such as farming of different types of crops, animal husbandry, agro-processing/manufacturing, storage, warehousing, farm house, mechanization and lots more.

For as low as N35,000 monthly you can buy an acre of land (6 plots) and practice any form of agriculture in our Agro Empire Estate.

The good news is that we have an ongoing promo and you can get 20% discount for our sales of Agric Land

Outright Payment
One acre
N300,000 now N240,000
Ten acres N3million now N2.4million + Free one acre (Terms and conditions apply)

Three Months Installment Payment
One acre
N337,500 now N270,000 (N90,000 monthly)
Ten acres N3.375million now N2.7million (N900,000 monthly) + Free one acre (Terms and conditions apply)

Six Months Installment Payment
One acre
N410,250 now N336,000 (N56,000 monthly)

One year Installment Payment
One acre
N525,000 now N420,000 (N35,000 monthly)

The 20% discount runs for only three months beginning from April till June 2019 or till offer last. The land is primarily for agricultural purposes only. For more information, contact ARMI via +2347032054765 or visit