Plantain City

In a bid to  massively increase the cultivation of plantain and to also defeat the financials and structural challenges faced by farmers and processors in the nations through our investors we reserved 200 acres of land from the company Agro Empire Estate that would be used solely for the cultivation of plantain.

The Plantain city is an investment portfolio that allow investors to invest into ARMI plantain cultivation giving them the opportunity to increase the availability of plantain & it’s by-products in the country for local and international purposes.


Farm Estate & Infrastructural Development

Farm investment | investors | farm propose system

This investment afford you the opportunity to partake in the land acquisition and infrastructural development activities at the AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE, it’s a form of land-banking, where your fund is not just dormant in the bank but used to develop real estate assets, such as land and other facilities, that appreciates over time and to be sold at a good price for every partners/investors to earn profit on their capital.

You are making fund available to create an environment that offers sustainable solutions for farmers and agropreneurs from production, processing, storage/warehousing to high end market value etc.


Pig Wallet

ARMI Pig wallet is a section under our livestocks investment scheme, it provides the opportunity for individuals or cooperate organization  that is interested in pig farming but do not have the time to manage and earn or even expertise required to own and successfully run a piggery farm. 

An investor can key into our Pig wallet investment scheme and can be rest assured of good return as our team are made up of experts in the field. Also investors should know that our farm and packages are insured.


Maize Wallet

Maize Investment | Agric investment

ARMI Maize Wallet is an investment scheme that enables investment into the cultivation of maize planting. The beauty of Maize Wallet is that it allows investors to get returns on their investment in a short period time.

Maize Wallet has 100 investment unit to be acquired by our investors with each units having a Return On Investment of 25%, multiple units can be invested on & investors who acquired 20 units and above earns 28% ROI.

This investment scheme is created so as to increase the availability of  high quality maize & maize products in the country. With your investment we jointly achieve this goal.

Farm Land Purchase

Farm Land Purchase | Agric Investment


The Farm Land purchase investment is an opportunity giving to individual and cooperate organization to acquire farm land.

The Farm land are bound to appreciate  due to the activities of the company that would be carried out on it, giving owners of the land the opportunity to earn from reselling the land at much more profiting capital.

The investment portfolio is created so that the general public can through the massive agricultural practice of the company create wealth for themselves land purchase    


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Agro Empire Estate

One stop agricultural hub and industrial centre for sustainable wealth growth
AGRO EMPIRE ESTATE is sited on 500 acres of farmland and is subject to expansion as development increases in the estate, located at Abeokuta-North local government area, Alamala, Ijale-Orile Village. The landmark areas close to the estate include but not limited to Alamala Army Headquarters Barrack, Flexytree farm, Adron Homes Residential Estate, Agro-Park, the farthest from the mentioned landmark is 15 minutes drive to the farm.

Our Upcoming Event

Green Asset Investment Asset

Green Asset Investment Conference

The Conference is meant to position individual who are passionate and enthusiastic about agricultural practice and its business activities in the right path. The highlight of the conference is to make available information that are cardinal in creating  a career in Nigeria Agricultural Sector.  Read More


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Safe, Secure, & Guaranteed

All our investment plans are insured by Leadway Assurance. With over a decade in agricultural investments, you can rest assured that your investments are in safe hands. Our investment portal is protected by SSL and all personal data are encrypted. 

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