Who AreWe ?

AGRO RENEWAL MOVEMENT INTERNATIONAL (ARMI)LTD, Is a private driven agricultural company, with focus on using innovative and latest technological method to create diverse opportunities in agricultural production and its value chain, to achieve beyond profitability to sustainability in agribusiness. We create investment portfolios in different areas of agriculture such as crop production, livestock, agro processing, mechanization, logistics, storage and warehousing etc. and also solve market problems, for individuals, cooperate organizations, busy business owners and working class with interest in agriculture, also with Nigerians and foreigners in Diaspora.

Why Choose Us

Our investment is safe with experienced management, insurance backup, favorable environment and community support, proper legal frame work between the company and our partners, investors to achieve necessary return on investment.

  • Experienced Technicians.

  • Our Company Is Established,License & Insured by Leadway Insurance

  • We Have Lot of Good Feedback About Our Services.

  • Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal.

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    Agriculture not only gives riches to a nation and Individual, but the only riches she can call her own